Developing Winning Strategies for over 30 years

Over the course of my career as a real estate, commercial litigation and bankruptcy lawyer, I have developed a record of successful outcomes, courtroom victories, and satisfied clients. My trial and appellate experience includes business, real estate and bankruptcy. Along with a meticulous dedication to the demands of the courtroom, I bring a courteous and easy going demeanor to every case. My real estate practice includes purchase, sale and leasing transactions for office, shopping center, industrial and high end residential properties. In bankruptcy court I handle preference litigation, exemption of assets, property sales, objection to discharge and chapter 11 plan confirmations.

I serve the legal profession as a Temporary Judge for the Los Angeles Superior Court and as member of the Board of Directors of the Beverly Hills Bar Association

I am committed to our community as well. I serve on board of directors of several non-profit organizations including the Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles, the Constitutional Right Foundation and the Beverly Hills Bar Foundation.

Robert C. Aronoff , Professional Corporation handles all aspects of a Civil Litigation practice, including actions related to:

     Breach of Contract
     Unfair Competition
     Interference with Contracts
     Interference with Prospective Advantage
     Specific Performance
  (enforcement of real estate purchase agreements)
     Adverse Possession
     Prescriptive Easements
     Unlawful Detainer
     Foreclosure of Mechanics Liens

Prejudgment Remedies such as:

     Claim and Delivery
     Lis Pendens practice
          (recordation and/or expungement)
     Preliminary Injunctions
     Protective Orders

Court and Jury trials
Enforcement of Judgments

Robert C. Aronoff, Professional Corporation is experienced in handling various aspects of real estate transactions, including:


Review of purchase contracts
Drafting of escrow instructions and amendments
Loan Commitments
Review and negotiation of commercial and residential leases
Drafting easements
ADA Compliance
Title Insurance issues
Mechanic Liens

Robert C. Aronoff, Professional Corporation is experienced in handling all aspects of Bankruptcy and Creditors’ Rights, including:


Asset Protection
Debt Restructuring
Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors
Representation of Creditor Committees
Relief from Stay
Cash Collateral Orders
Equitable Subordination of Claims
Objections to Plans of Reorganization
Asset sales
Lease assumption/rejection
Objections to Exemptions
Preparing and Objecting to Claims
Preference Litigation
Fraudulent and Voidable Transfers



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